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The property market is constantly fluctuating. One month it may be a good time to sell,
other months it may not be. It is difficult to know who to believe and when is truly the
best time to sell your property. Estate Agents may one month want your house and another
offer you a lower price because it is not beneficial for them to buy your house in that
month. Companies such as Property Buyers will buy your property no matter what the current
position of the market is in, whether it is beneficial to Property Buyers or not.

Property Buyers for saleYour reason for selling isn’t analysed and questioned in depth by Property Buyers and
instead you are just given a clear offer for your property within 24hours of being in
contact with Property Buyers. Giving you a clear offer allows you to forget about
calculating added costs like estate agent fees, renovation costs, lawyer fees, etc because
they are all paid for by Property Buyers. It is possible for sellers to make a profit off
of their properties when they sell quickly because of the savings they will generate from
not paying extra costs and being involved in the selling-buying chain.

This new way of selling your property is becoming gradually more popular with people
wanting to sell their property in a fast and easy way. This method of buying property
eliminates the uncertainty of waiting for funds to transfer, loans to clear and for the
whole selling-buying chain to complete. The elimination of uncertaintity is definitely one
of the main draws to this method of selling your property, because of the general
uncertainty of the UK economy at the moment, people want a safe ‘bet’ and don’t want to
risk selling their property to a property buyer that will not give definitive values or
time frames. This is why so many people are choosing to come to companies such as Property
Buyers to sell their property in a fast, safe and easy way.

Quick house sale

Securing a quick house sale has never been more difficult. The current economic climate is causing everyone to feel uncertain. Taking a plunge like buying a house is something people are not taking lightly. People now want to make sure they are getting the most for their money and make sure that everything is secure, this then makes the process double as long (and often double as complicated). So because of all this a quick house sale is something which most people see as a thing of the past.

Quick-House-SaleIts a known fact that moving house is one of the most stressful times people can go through in their lives. If people are trying to sell their house then the stress level is normally a lot higher for the seller. Organising money transfers, organising a new property to move into, arrangements of mortgages and all the other tasks that need to be organised add to the stress for the seller. Finding a quick house sale often means people are in need of help, this is where National Buyers can help.

National Buyers help take the stress of a quick house sale off the shoulders of the sellers and can buy your property in 24hours. Its hard to find a quick house sale that can get funds into your account any faster than National Buyers. This quick house sale service can help people in all different situations; whether its financial difficulties, a bereavement or a job prospect that is causing you to need this quick sale service; National Buyers can help.

This quick house sale process has a bad reputation for not achieving the maximum potential of the property when it is sold. This is not always true. Selling a property in this quick way helps eliminate addition costs added from estate agents and instead is included in the valuation given by National Buyers. This way there are no additional costs that are added onto the sale afterwards and the valuation you receive will be the funds that you take away from the sale.

Finding a Buyer For Your House

Finding a buyer for your house can be a long, tedious task and can often cause a lot of
stress and worry. This isn’t ideal for selling your house fast. There is so many
different choices of potential homes for the buyers to choose between that finding a buyer
for your house means you need to make your house perfect for everything the buyers want.
Making your house perfect for every potential buyer that looks at your property is
virtually impossible and finding a buyer for your house can last for months.

finding a buyer for your houseThe most common form of finding a buyer for your house is through estate agents. Most
people are aware of the often long-winded process of getting an estate agent to come round
to your house and give you a quote, then you need to negotiate the estate agent fees and
then sit on the open market for months waiting for a buyer. Although this process is the
most common, many people are now finding alternative ways to selling your house fast.

Another method people choose to selling your house fast is to avoid estate agents all
together and find a buyer for their house independently. This obviously entails a lot more
work dealing with finding a buyer for your house, legal proceedings and negotiating a price directly with
the buyer. With this process you will have to use an estate agent at one point to handle
documentations that need to be dealt with by professional estate agents. This isn’t
necessarily the quickest process for finding a buyer for your house however (especially if
there is not a buyer already interested in buying your property) as you are unlikely to
have all the resources that an estate agent can use to sell your house fast.

Both the methods mentioned above often take several months before you are going to be finding a buyer for
your house.This process of waiting for months on the open market may soon be a thing of
the past. Now you can be finding a buyer for your house in just 24hours. Property
Buyers are now offering a service where there is no estate agent fees and you can sell
your house fast. Services like these save you waiting on the open market and answer
the question of ‘when will I be finding a buyer for my house?’ with the simple answer ‘in

Sell House Fast

If you plan to sell on the open market it can take an extremely long time in the current climate. There are things you can do to sell house fast. Many things you can do to Sell house fast include a range of simple procedures such as painting and decorating the interior of your house and selling your house to an cash buyer such as National Buyers. Here a are just a few options to sell house fast and allow you to move out from your property quickly.

◾Sell House Fast to a Property Buyer
You can sell your property to a company such as National Buyers who will arrange your sale, there are a number of benefits to this kind of sale including No estate agent fees, No Legal Expenses and A move out day that is suitable to your needs (within reason). This kind of deal enables you to sell your house fast without the need to advertise it or have the countless amounts of viewings on the property and is a good way to sell house fast.

◾Roadside Appeal
First impressions are sometimes very important and to sell house fast you must think as if you where purchasing your own house. Would you be attracted to walk in if you where a buyer? Simple things like weeding the area trimming all bushes and trees and ensuring paintwork looks clean and tidy can make the difference to a buyer walking through your door.Sell House fast

A simple clean of the house can make all the difference to a buyer, this shows the house is looked after and cared for and can encourage a sale, the idea is to get the buyer to imagine themselves in your home. Ensure your windows are clean in and out to and ensure as much natural light is flooding into your house to show it in the best light!

◾Fixing It
Simple fixes can be essential is there cracked floor tiles? Are the walls cracking? A simple bit of filler and paint would solve these facial problems and make a buyer feel secure that the property is in sound condition.

◾Got Stuff?
Most people get distracted with untidyness and this takes there mind off of the important elememts of buying your house. Put things away, and leave areas free to walk and view. You can’t sell house fast if the buyer can’t see the house properly.

The smell of your home can deter a buyer immediately, pet smells cooking smells etc use an air freshener or odour eliminator an hour or so before a buyer arrives, backing bread in an ovan is a great mental trick, the smell of fresh bread is homely and warming and can instantly make a buyer feel at home.

◾Any Lights
If you are having a night viewing ensure that many lights are on, dont turn lights off to hide imperfections this makes a buyer suspicious and can lead to them thinking the worst. Be open get the lights on and welcome them into your home.

◾Fresh Flowers
If possible enhance your selling features and rooms by putting fresh flowers, these act as a focal point in the room and give a fresh look as well as fragerent attraction.
Remember selling your house fast is a very difficult thing to do and sometimes by no fault of your own or your property, it just wil not sell. There are alternatives to selling, a property buyer can help, call us today and say “Sell House Fast” and we will be able to exchange in as little as 24 hours!

Repossession Help


If your struggling with the bills & you feel like all the money you get just isn’t enough to pay for everything you need. You struggle to pay the bills, you start to owe money, then that dreaded day comes when that eviction notice falls through your letterbox and all your nightmares become reality. What can you do now though? It’s all over, your house is going to be repossessed, no it’s not. You need repossession help! Speak to a company who will buy your home such as National Property Buyers, we buy your home for you and prevent you from being repossessed. We offer repossession help for anyone. The options you have available are much more than you may be expecting. You can sell your house and move to a new property, whatever option you choose, most, give a quick cash injection into your bank account which allows you to then pay off your debts and move to a new property. When you sell the property and rent it back you always have an option to buy back your property later on, you can rent back your home at a Fair Market Rent and you are guaranteed initial rental periods.

Companies such as National buyers help thousands of people to prevent their house from being repossessed and offer fantastic repossession help.

Repossession Information

Repossession Information

If you owe money to a lender then there is always a chance of repossession if you don’t pay up on time. Sadly this repossession process is legal in most situations however most people in debt don’t actually realise when the lender is LEGALLY allowed to repossess your home. Most home owners need more repossession information. A tell tale sign for the reliability of what the lender is saying is how far the lender is willing to go to repossess your home. If the lender is willing to go to court fairly quickly then it sadly isn’t looking good. The legal process is explained in more detail below.

Agreeing to the repossession of your property

If you agree to have your home repossessed then your money lender will agree terms with you on the sale of your property. If your mortgage or loan was taken out after the 1st December 2009 then your lender must get a court order to repossess and sell your home unless you give them written consent 7days prior to the sale of your property. This is due to the government putting a law in place called the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009, this therefore gives you just a little bit more security and (most importantly) time. This repossession information is important to be aware of.
Another order which has been put into place by the government is known as the well-charging order.
This is needed by the re-possessors to sell your house onto someone else, without this order then The re-possessors will struggle to get a buyer for your property. Whatever happens though the issue should really try and stay out of court as you are generally forced to pay the costs of the trial.

Disagreeing to the repossession of your property

If you don’t agree to the repossession of your property then be prepared to go to court and pay for all
the costs of the hearing.
The re-possessors may start the process in either the circuit court or the high court, however if the
mortgage was taken out after the 1 December 2009 then the case must first be taken to the Circuit Court.
Once the lenders have taken you to either or both of these courts then they will apply for one or more
orders – a possession order and/or a well-charging order. These orders generally come after the court has
granted you a period of time to pay back the money you owe the lenders. After this period of time, the
orders have been passed and you still will not allow the repossession of your home then the orders
will be enforced by the police or the County Registrar.

There is a lot of repossession information available to homeowners. If you need more repossession information then feel free to call Property Buyers on 0800 977 45 45